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Globetrotting: World's best rides
24 Nov 2015 24 Nov

Globetrotting: World's best rides

24 Nov 2015 24 Nov
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From the land of "The Hobbit" and Mongolia's steppes to African deltas and the sun-kissed beaches of southern Spain, holidays on horseback offer adventurous types the chance to explore the world's most beautiful locales from an entirely different perspective.

Choosing to holiday on the hoof, so to speak, might not be the cheapest vacation you'll ever book but for many the experience is priceless.

So if you thinking about indulging your inner cowboy or simply fancy riding off into a sunset instead of just staring into one here are some ideas to get you champing at the bit whichever corner of the world you choose to go globetrotting.

A steppe into the unknown

With the Gobi Desert to the south, mountains in the north and thousands of square miles of steppes in between, there's a wealth of dramatic scenery for the riding nomad to explore in Mongolia.

Expect plenty of sunshine -- Mongolia is known as the "Land of the Blue Skies" -- and a warm welcome from your hosts, says James Sales, a consultant with online horse holiday specialist, In The Saddle.

"The Mongolians think it's fantastic to have visitors who can ride — it provides a link between two completely different cultures ... they are often as interested in you as you are in them," Sales told CNN.

Sales recommends the visiting the Altai Mountains in western Mongolia during September/October to watch the Golden Eagle Festival -- the bird of prey has been used by Mongolian hunters since the 15th century. The annual event sees local Kazakh nomads put their Golden Eagles, known locally as Berkut, through a series of speed, agility and accuracy tests.

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