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Airport art that's super trippy
26 Nov 2015 26 Nov

Airport art that's super trippy

26 Nov 2015 26 Nov
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A gallery dedicated to toilets? A robot repair shop? Is it us, or has airport art gotten decidedly trippy?

Then again, there are worse ways to spend a layover. We've curated some of the most inventive art currently on display at the airport. Everyone knows about the state-of-the-art toilets in Japan, but at Tokyo's Narita Airport, they are -- literally -- a work of art.

The public toilets in the passageway to Terminal 2 are housed in Gallery Toto (Toto is the brand responsible for most of the country's bathroom innovations, including the cleansing, antibacterial jets that shoot out of the bowl).

The gallery itself is sort of an ode to all things... well, toilet-related. The facade features a multicolored LED screen that showcases silhouettes of figures dancing around a toilet.

If nothing else, the artwork has a way of making bathroom-time seem like an exhilarating experience (which, if you're using a Toto, it probably is).

Even fliers who don't currently have a retro robot on the fritz will appreciate the robot repair shop recently installed at Pittsburgh International Airport.

The art installation was the brainchild of Toby Fraley, who won a public art award for a similar exhibit in an empty Pittsburgh storefront. A self-professed "aviation junkie," he approached the local airport authority about relocating

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